Friday, 22 April 2011

My Print Garden

The recent lovely weather makes me want to sit outside. No time for sunbathing with deadlines coming up so I decided to set up a makeshift print table outside, better than my original plan of printing in the bathroom.
I found printing outside much more relaxing than the busy print rooms at college. On the down side I had nosy chickens coming to investigate.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Easter Already!?

Where is the time going? I break up for two weeks Easter break tomorrow. I call it a "break" but I will be working my socks off for the deadline in five weeks. There is lots to do and the time is just flying by. If college was open throughout Easter I would certainly be in everyday.

I am currently painting out my 5th design. Here are some images of the designs I have completed so far.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

First Prints

These are the first prints I have experimented with for this project. I am really pleased with them so far.
I have enjoyed experimenting with different colours.

These are just experimental for the time being, helping me to develop ideas and colours. I will return to printing my final samples next week. For now I am going to move onto painting out my next design.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Final Major Project So Far . . . .

So, I have finally got round to updating my blog. I am well in to my major project now and the pressure is on. Time seems to be running away with me and I am far too aware that it will all be over soon. I am enjoying every minute, even when I'm stressed, and will be really sad when I finish.

Anyway I thought I would share some images from my drawing sheets. I am producing designs for wallpapers. My theme is 'Botanical', flora based like my previous projects. This time I wanted to make it a bit different. I started thinking about adding a geometric twist and came up with the idea of mosaic. Then one thing led to another and I ended up drawing flowers in a squared form on graph paper.

I am really pleased with my squared drawings. I like how from a distance it is not as obvious that they are made up of squares and they take on the form of the flower, like a trick of the eye.

It takes me a long time to produce these drawings but I think they are worth the time and effort I put into them. I really enjoy painting them but I get a little bit frustrated towards the end as my eyes start to feel square :)

I am quite far into the development process now, which involves experimenting with my drawings on tracing paper layouts. I have six final designs which I am painting out by hand. It's going to be a long process. I will update with my progress when I have some more images to post.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


So these are some more images of last years work. These are from my fashion project where I was looking at over sized T-shirts. I miss embroidery as I haven't incorporated it into any of this years work, mainly due to time and I have decided to specialise in print. Maybe I will find more time for embroidery after i graduate. I hope so.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Furnishing Fabrics

I silk screen printed my design onto fabric. Above are some of the different colour ways.
I developed my drawings in to a repeat for furnishing fabrics. The image above is hand painted and A1 in size. I love the colours. A lot of eye straining hours went into this final design but it was worth it when I finally stepped back to see it complete.

Hello. Well since this is my first post I thought I would put up some images of my work from last year. Hopefully you will get to know me a little better from me doing so and understand how I work. Above are some of my drawings for furnishing fabrics. My theme was 'Exotic' so I was looking at brightly coloured flowers and animal prints in particular.